Elliot Felix teaches a course each fall, with Laura Forlano,  at Parsons School of Design Strategies on the mindset and skillset for Innovation. He has previously taught design studios at MIT and at summer enrichment programs at Amherst and Bennington Colleges. He has also been a teaching assistant in technical classes in architectural detailing and engineering.

Parsons –  Innovation Course Description

How do you spot opportunities to create new products, services or experiences? How do you create, refine, and communicate a response to needs and opportunities? How does your response fit within the context and legacy of ideas that have come before it and will come after it?  What is the history of innovation itself and how do you determine whether another innovation is actually the right thing?

This course explores these and other questions by cultivating both the innovation mindset and skillset – offering a way of thinking about topics critical for innovators as well as the tools to put that thinking into practice in the creation and communication of ideas. Using a design thinking approach that stresses participation, iteration, and integration, the course lectures, readings, discussions, exercises, and projects will address topics like users, process, place, diffusion, and intellectual property along with tools like brainstorming, prototyping, scenario planning, and positioning. In the process, participants will gain fluency in the fundamental topics and tools needed to innovate in any context

Course Syllabus (pdf)