Space Strategy at SCUP

Attended the SCUP mid-atlantic regional conference last week.  The conference featured presentations dealing with internal, external, and physical planning constraints and then featured a mock charrette to address a hypothetical merger of a 4-year university and a community college. The charrette proved to be a fruitful way  of applying lessons from presentations and prior experience in order to plan the would-be planning process. Also enlightening to see the variety of ways different teams approached and solved the problem – and where more or less “framing” of the design problem would have helped. Once again also found Osterwalder’s “Business Model Canvas” a useful tool as part of our group’s discussion.

Here’s the summary of the DEGW/UVa/Darden presentation: What do you do when you are out of space, have programs that are growing or under-supported, and insist upon environmental and economic sustainability? To answer these questions, DEGW worked with the Darden School of Business to help them plan for the future to make the most of their space. This session describes how the team developed innovative space strategies for the School to grow sustainably within its current footprint for approximately 10years, rather than adding more space.  Will link to presentation once available.