Upcoming Presentations include:

The New Workplace at ISPE National Conference on 11/6 (info)

Assessing 21st century learning environments at PKAL Learning Spaces Collaboratory National Colloquium (info)

Recent Presentations include:

“Certifying Higher Education’s Learning Spaces” at Educause Conference on 10/15 (info)

Panelist / Facilitator: PKAL Learning Spaces Collaboratory National Colloquium 11/5 (info)

Panelist: Designing Our Community IIDA Forum NYC 9/22 (info)

Planning the Next Generation Library: User-Driven, Technology-Rich, and Resource-Savvy” (with Susan Nutter, Carolyn Axtman, Craig Dykers, and Clymer Cease) at SCUP National Conference, July 2010 Link

“Design for Culture Transformation” (pre-conference workshop with Bryant Rice and Rashida Bridges) at SCUP National Conference, July 2010 Link

“Rethinking the Office: The Business Case for Design” (Harvard GSD Exec Ed course) with Frank Duffy and David Craig, July 2010 (Link)

“New Methods to Align Facilities with Function” (pre-conference workshop with Bryant Rice and Rashida Bridges) at SCUP Pacific Conference, April 2010

“Space Strategies for Sustainable Growth” (with Terry S. de Guzman and Dick Minturn) at SCUP Mid-atlantic Conference, March 2010

“The Google Philosophy” (with Andrew Laing, George Salah)  at Corenet Global Conference Las Vegas, October 2009

Panelist / Facilitator at PKAL Workshop on Learning Spaces, October 2009. Link to Learning and Space talk with Wendy Newstetter

Panelist at Universitas 21 Design Forum at the University of Virginia, October 2009

“The Learning Landscape: Lessons from Here and Abroad” (with Shirley Dugdale, Andrew Harrison) at SCUP National Conference in Portland, July 2009

“Improving Academic Workplace Effectiveness and Sustainability” at SCUP Mid-atlantic conference, March 2009