Closing the Design Gap

My article on closing the design gap was just published in Parsons Journal of Design Strategies (download pdf here or full journal pdf here, see p.76). The article asserts that there is gap between our needs and the way our environments accommodate them – what I call the “design gap” – and that this gap forms a result of flaws in the design process: who is participating, how they communicate, and how the design problem is defined.

Design strategy, a way of focusing the design process on user needs and business objectives, is offered as a means to close this design gap. This is  illustrated with examples from work at DEGW, including projects with Google, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and the University at Buffalo.  These and other examples,  such as National Park Visitor Centers created as part of the Mission 66 campaign, demonstrate how a participatory, iterative, and integrative design process can create value for customers and businesses alike. Check it out.